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Rock Balancing


Realign, reset & RECALIBRATE in just 8 weeks with my transformational 1:1 coaching program.


Change the way you breathe, change the way you feel - it’s time to create a new reality where you’re no longer a victim to your stress & past conditioning that's holding you back from who you're meant to be; you’re finally stepping into the driving seat of your life.

Using my signature 'ABC' method; we make healing simple with tools and techniques accessible to everybody. 

If you want to experience more calmness, clarity and confidence in your life; while buidling a bulletproof emotional toolkit & boosting your resilience to stress, this is for you!

Why Breathwork? Breathwork is the conscious awareness and use of our breath to enhance physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. They say the breath is the remote control to our nervous system, and it is our nervous system that determines how we respond to stress. Why is this the approach for you? It's literally SCIENCE! It's amazing how transformational breathwork is and how it's accessible to EVERYONE. We take around 22,000 breaths per day, yet many of us are stuck in dysfunctional breathing patterns which could be contributing to (if not causing) stress, high blood pressure, immune issues, gut issues, anxiety, sleep issues.... etc. Our breath is our prana, our life force, our ENERGY!
Breathwork helps us get beneath the surface, bringing you out of your conscious mind and into your body - where deep rooted stress, trauma and conditioning that has been suppressed and buried over the years, has been stored. We'll support this process of release with techniques such as journalling, meditation and energy work.

Why me? I am a certified Breathe Instructor specialising in nervous system regulation & emotional health. I've also undertaken cpd training in somatic healing & trauma-informed approaches. I provide a holistic approach to healing and believe breathwork can serve not only as a functional tool to use daily but also as a type of therapy; nurturing the connection between the mind, body & emotions and allowing us to release stress/trauma from the body and come back into balance - wit
hout having to mentally revisit difficult experiences!

What to expect? Sessions are delivered via Zoom over the course of 8 weeks  (bi-weekly sessions) throughout that time I'll be supporting you as your very own Breathing Coach! You'll have exercises (a mixture of workbook style & practical techniques) to practice between sessions & WhatsApp support from me throughout. Sessions are approx 75 minutes. The course is completely tailored to you but here's an idea of what to expect:

Example structure
Session 1: Outline current challenges & goals, breathing assessment & awareness exercises
Session 2: Mapping out your nervous system (a deep dive into stress and how it shows up for you)
Session 3: Personalised breathwork practices to support your nervous system
Session 4: Breathwork healing session & action plan


Meditating in Nature
"Working with Sophie 1-2-1 has been the best present I could have gifted myself in a time of need. I felt extremely burnt out and overwhelmed when I reached out to Sophie. I knew I needed to do something about how I was living my life.
I thought I was signing up to 'just' learn how to breathe better but I signed up for a much deeper experience than I imagined. Throughout my 4 sessions with Sophie, we have unpacked deep rooted, sub conscious beliefs and negative thoughts I have about myself and I truly believe it has been more useful for me than conventional talking therapy would have been.
I have had so many realisations about how I physically hold onto my anxiety (gripping my belly and holding my breath), how breathing more deeply relaxes tension in my upper body and shoulders and, more profoundly and unexpectedly, where so much of my anxiety and exhausting 'Type A' personality actually stems from.
I feel SO passionately about how important and life changing Sophie's work is that I am bringing her onboard to support me with my own business and my own clients - like my retreat and also the deep-dive posture course I run. I firmly believe people cannot and should not even begin to think about 'exercise' until they tackle the breath first. I am inspired to hopefully train in her method in the future!
I cannot recommend this enough, it feels life changing to me."

Eleanor Burt, previous client


Your Breath Coach

Yoga may be where it all began for me, but it's breathwork that has had the most transformative effect on my life. As someone who has spent most of her life on autopilot, disconnecting my feelings as a way to protect myself from the chronic impact of stress, it's been a journey to be able to learn how to listen to my body and  process my feelings. Tuning into my breath daily allows me to check in with myself; different techniques help me shift my state when I'm feeling low and unmotivated or overwhelmed and anxious; and conscious connected breathing helps me to release years of built up stress that has gotten trapped within my body. It's a joy to be able to share these tools and empower others to experience transformation across all areas of their life.

WhatsApp support throughout (me, in your pocket!)

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Are you ready to say goodbye to being a victim to stress and finally step into the drivers seat of your life?

Choose a payment option below and I'll be in touch to arrange our first session!

  • Recalibrate - pay in full

    Valid for 2 months
    • Instant enrolment to my 1:1 'Recalibrate' program
    • Pay in full discount of 5%
    • 4 powerful breathwork coaching sessions
    • WhatsApp support throughout
  • Recalibrate - payment plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Instant enrolment to my 1:1 'Recalibrate' program
    • 3 x monthly installments - spread the cost
    • 4 powerful breathwork coaching sessions
    • WhatsApp support throughout
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