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Becoming UnBusy

Does it ever feel like life is just happening to you?

You don't feel in control of the trajectory of your life and this scares you. You feel as though you’re operating on overdrive, feeling ‘tired but wired’ after years in the hustle culture where busyness is seen as a badge of honour and we’re taught that strength and resilience is measured by our ability to keep powering through. You don't know how to switch off or slow down without a sinking feeling of guilt..

Perhaps you struggle not to feel defined by the roles you play - Mum, Employee, Partner, Housekeeper, Business Owner, Chef etc - because there’s no headspace for anything else. You strive for perfection and are terrified of 'dropping a ball' in case everything comes crashing down..

Maybe you’ve reached the point where you’ve disconnected from your emotions completely, totally on autopilot and missing out on the joys of the present moment. Your energy levels are low and you procrastinate even the simplest of tasks.

You may even think you’re okay (because this is your ‘normal’ and you just ‘get on with it’) but deep down you feel stuck, flat, or can’t shake the sense that something is missing.

Maybe you're at the stage where you know you need to make a change (be it change job, decrease your hours, start a business, travel more..) but you've no idea where to start - cue those self-sabotaging thoughts of "I don't know enough yet".. "I'm not ready".. "what if i fail?" etc etc..

Let me tell you something - YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Does the above really resonate with you, or have you finished the workbook and are ready to take the next steps? Check out my 1:1 Online Program 'Shift Your Stress' - enrolling now!

Becoming UnBusy is a FREE editable workbook designed to help you to just that. It's all about identifying your relationship with stress and finding ways to release the mental load so you can embody a slower, simpler and more soulful way of living.

This workbook is for those women who are ready to reclaim the parts of themselves that this fast-paced, productivity focused society has swallowed up along the way! It’s designed to increase your self-awareness; the first step towards creating positive change.


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