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Pre & Post Natal Yoga T&C's

By signing up for Yoga for Pregnancy / Mum & Baby classes and accepting these terms, you are declaring that:


  • You are 13+ weeks pregnant for Pregnancy Yoga / 6+ weeks postpartum (8-10 weeks following a c section) for Postnatal Yoga

  • You have consulted with a GP/Health Professional before starting a new form of exercise / returning to exercise after birth

  • For any doubts or concerns about any medical conditions, you understand that you should seek advice from a medical professional and you accept that any advice, recommendations or guidance given in class is general and cannot be substituted for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

  • You have disclosed to Sophie all relevant information regarding your (and your baby's) health during your pregnancy / postnatal period and you understand it is your responsibility to inform Sophie of any changes to your health that arise during your block of classes.

  • If you feel any pain or dizziness during a class, please stop the activity immediately  and inform Sophie. You will be encouraged to listen to your body throughout and take rest when necessary.

  • You understand that Sophie Ward Wellness will not be liable for any injury to persons or any loss or damage to property before, during or after a class.

Please ensure you complete a Pregnancy Form before you first class. You can access it here.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Classes are held weekly for 65 minutes and are booked in rolling blocks of 6, at the price of £55. You are welcome to trial your first class before committing to a block, for £10 (please select the TRIALS class from the Services Page)

If there are any dates within the block you can't attend (holidays etc.) please email on booking to declare these and your block will be altered/extended to reflect this. On booking, you will automatically be added onto the next 6 sessions following your chosen start date. 

Sophie will inform you when you are coming to the end of your current block and find out if you would like to purchase another block, which you can book for 10% off!

There is a 'refer a friend' bonus - if someone you know books a block with me you'll be gifted a free class.

I completely understand that sometimes illness, tiredness or just life gets in the way and you (or baby) may not feel up to attending class. If you cannot attend a session please try and give as much notice as possible. As a general guide, once per block Sophie will agree to rearrange the session for you - but I'll need 24+ hours notice so I can offer the space if someone is on the waitlist. Any additional missed sessions will be lost unfortunately.


Please note, refunds are not possible on the block apart from exceptional circumstances.

If Sophie needs to cancel a class (i.e. due to illness/holiday) you will be contacted via phone and email and will not be charged for the session. In such circumstances, block bookings / the course will be extended for a week.

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