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UPDATED 2024 Schedule

Hello again,

So - after much deliberation I've decided to keep things mostly as they are for next year! One of my words for 2024 is CONSISTENCY, a word I used to really struggle with, but I'm going to be leaning into more next year.

Firstly I am honouring you guys. My 'clients'.. the people who turn up every week, dedicating time to their practice and prioritising themselves. I hope you are proud of yourselves because I am proud of you! I am committing to keeping classes as consistent as possible for those of you who show up each week, because you deserve that. Despite some fluctuating numbers, I am trusting that by staying in my lane and delivering my style of classes every week - those who are meant to be there will be there :)

Some of the classes have shifted timings slightly as I know later nights don't serve me with eating late etc. I do hope that this doesn't cause too much inconvenience!

Yin & Chill will remain a monthly session at Wyre Forest because there's something so special about these sessions that I don't think could be achieved with a more frequent (& shorter) class.

Restorative Yoga will also be a monthly class at Cleobury Market Hall.

As always, any feedback please let me know!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Don't forget I'm still running a class next Thursday morning in Cleobury if you need some time to yourself between Christmas and New Year!

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