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Self-Care Sunday - 19th Nov

I can't wait to share this wholesome workshop! This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and cosy up before the busy build up to Christmas. I know this time of year you may be feeling the pinch financially (I know I sure am) but rather than viewing this as an additional expense, see it as an investment in yourself. Because YOU are a non-negotiable!

This afternoon will offer the chance to re-centre and find a sense of balance within before the season of giving (often too much of ourselves). A way to step back into the best version of you - energised & connected to a sense of inner peace - before we head into winter. We must carve out time for ourselves to give back, restore the depleting energy levels and identify our own needs if we want to enjoy and get the most out of this season. I have been guilty of slipping into 'power through' mode but am really trying to consciously map out time for myself this year and not over commit myself! It's hard to change habits of a lifetime, but taking the first step is the only way you can give yourself a chance and start building that momentum.

Featuring a batch of Sophie's signature chocolate brownies (if you you, you know!) we'll bring in gentle movement to release tension and restore balance; nourishing breathwork to help clear stress from the body and bring you home to yourself; and we'll pause for some meditation and powerful journalling as the moon waxes and we continue to create the space within to get clear on our boundaries and set self-care intentions for the season ahead.

The venue is the beautiful setting of Rock Village Hall - with miles of rural views it really does feel like a retreat - creating that sense of space in the mind and allowing you to switch off from the outside world.

Want to share this experience with a friend or loved one who you know could use some time out for themselves? I'm offering 2 spaces for just £70 using code BRINGAFRIEND at checkout.

Alternatively, come along by yourself and join our community of like-minded women, in a space where you will feel seen and held and safe enough to peel off the mask and find power in your vulnerability. A space where you are reminded that you're enough, just as you are.

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